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Heartbreak Hotel: Checking Out and Moving On 🏨🛎️


Heartbreaks are like checking into a hotel where every room is a different stage of grief. From wrestling with “depression symptoms” to navigating “PTSD symptoms,” it’s a stay you didn’t book but somehow ended up in. Let’s check out and find our way to healing.

Denial Suite 🛏️🚪

First, you’re in the Denial Suite, pretending everything’s okay. Maybe you’re still saving their pictures or hoping they’ll call. Reality is knocking, and it’s time to open that door. Accepting the breakup is the first step out of this emotional hotel.

Anger Atrium 🔥🏛️

Next, you find yourself in the Anger Atrium. Everything reminds you of them, and you’re furious. You rage about the past and maybe even regret giving your heart. Use this energy to push yourself towards something positive. Hit the gym or start a new project. Let that anger fuel your comeback.

Bargaining Bistro 🤝🍽️

In the Bargaining Bistro, you’re trying to negotiate your way back into the relationship. “What if I change?” or “Maybe we can try again.” But here’s the tea: you can’t change the past, only your future. Bargain with yourself instead, promising to focus on your growth and happiness.

Depression Den 🌧️🛋️

Depression Den is a dark place. You’re battling those depression symptoms, feeling hopeless and disconnected. Remember, it’s okay to feel this way. Reach out for support – friends, family, or even a professional. Sometimes, just talking about it can lift a bit of that heavy weight.

Acceptance Atrium 🌈🌱

Finally, you check into the Acceptance Atrium. Here, you start to feel okay with what happened. You see it as a learning experience and start focusing on yourself. This stage is all about growth and new beginnings. Embrace it and step forward with confidence.